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29 November 2012

Set List for WTSH on Strangeways Radio With Guest DJ Wyatt Parkins of Saint Marie Records. Aired November 28, 2012.

band name/track title
Sway. Tales.**
Nightmare Air. Escape.
The History of Colour TV. I Knew It Was Wrong But I Did It Anyway.*
Panda Riot. Black Pyramids.*
L'Altra. Winter Loves Summer Sun.
Elika. No One Gets Lost.
Piano Magic. Jar of Echoes. 
Drowner. Stay With Me.*
Keith Canisius. Eddy Merckx.
The Sunshine Factory. Breathe in Deep.**
Spotlight Kid. Forget Yourself in Me.
The Blessed Isles. Chase Away the Sun.**
Jetman Jet Team. Radio Track Star.*

*new track, never been heard before
**from the Static Waves compilation on SMR

1 comment:

  1. It was excellent. Can't wait for the forthcoming Panda Riot album (also on the edge of my seat for the arrival of my pre-ordered Saint Marie comp). Missed Amber's djing of course but thankfully she was in the chat room to hang out with us--great community there. Looking forward to another guest by Wyatt. The colossal talent on this practically fledgling label is completely astonishing.