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13 May 2014

WTSH Exclusive Video Premiere: Daydream Machine || Twin Idols (Drum Mix).

Exclusive Video Premiere:
Daydream Machine || Twin Idols (Drum Mix)

Daydream Machine’s "Twin Idols (Drum Mix)" is the debut music video from Stephanie Neil Productions, located in Portland, Oregon, which specializes in capturing live musical performances and is currently in production on a feature length documentary film. For the production of the "Twin Idols (Drum Mix)" music video, we follow Matilda and Max on their adventures together, and eventually apart, in Portland and San Francisco. The video features scenes from the St. John’s Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as a temporary art exhibit in Portland known as A Giant Nest by Hannes Wingate, which the artist graciously gave us permission to film in.

"Twin Idols" is the title track from Daydream Machine's new debut full-length, 
available at

Producer: Stephanie Neil Productions
Director/Editor: Stephanie Neil
1st Asst. Camera: Megan Pickerel
Location Scout: Zia McCabe

Thank you to all the parents - Matilda's folks, Zia McCabe (Dandy Warhols) & Travis Hendricks (Souvenir Driver). And Max's folks, Megan Pickerel (Swoon 23 & Buzzyshyface) & Herman Jolly (Sunset Valley) for all the time and coordinating kids to shoots.

Daydream Machine are:
Jsun Adams - vocals, guitar
Matthew Strange - vocals, guitar  
Josh Kalberg - bass, guitar  
Jason Plucky Anchando - drums
Jonathan Mono - guitar, synth, noise
Charlotte Engler - vocals, flute, tambourine

Guest ebow guitar on "Twin Idols" - Peter Holmstrom
Guest Piano - Collin Hegna