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26 December 2015

Bandcamp Track of the Day: Shad Shadows || Cosmic + new video for Lisbon Decadence.

SHAD SHADOWS is the Italian duo of Luca Bandini (voice, synth, drum machines) and Alessandra Gismondi (synth, vocals), the same two talented musicians behind one of our absolute favorite bands of 2015 – Schonwald. While Schonwald explores the moodier side of shoegaze, the SHAD SHADOWS project takes that one step further by exploring something darker, gloomier, more electronic and more experimental altogether. If you like one of these projects, then you are sure to like the other – the two bands, while stylistically different, both still lurk in the same overcast world of frigid, somber sound.

Below is the new video for “Lisbon Decadence”, the opening track off the