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12 September 2011

Top 5 Albums of September.

Once upon a time, When The Sun Hits posted Amber and Danny's weekly Top 5 most listened-to records: whatever we were obsessing over that week, new or old, we posted. Weekly. Hence being called Top 5 Records of the Week. OK, you get that.

We did this for close to a year, but When The Sun Hits grew...and grew...and Amber and Danny got buried...and more buried...and the days of making weekly lists and geeking out about them passed away. Alas.

But we are list-making music nerds. We can't stop making lists! How boring! So in order to fuel our list-making sickness, we enlisted Rob Turner, our newest family member, into helping us do a MONTHLY list. Whatever we happen to be obsessing over each month, OLD OR NEW, we shall now henceforth provide in the form of a list. 5 records each.

We hope to one day go back to making weekly lists, but until then, welcome to our Top 5 Albums of the Month: September 2011 Edition.

Danny's Top 5 Albums of September

A.R. Kane. Clear New Child. (1995)

Hood. Compilation 1995-2000. (2003)

Windy And Carl. Volume 2- Antarctica. (1997)

Numeralia. Deep Breath. (1998)

Chimera. Earth Loop. (1996)

Amber's Top 5 Albums of September

Brief Candles. Fractured Days. (2011)

Black Swan Lane. Things You Know and Love. (2010)

The Bilinda Butchers. Regret, Love, Guilt Dreams. (2011)

Electric Company. A Pert Cyclic Omen. (1995)

Various Artists. Shadow Factory [Sarah Records]. (1988)

Rob's Top 5 Albums of September

Be Forest. Cold. (2011)

Honey. Taste It and See EP. (2011)

Black Swan Lane. Staring Down The Path Of Sound. (2011)

Crash City Saints. I'm Only Looking EP. (2011)

Dive [JPN]. White Shore, White Sky. (2010)