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18 September 2012

News and Free Stream: Strangeways Radio Releases First Compilation, The English Way.

Strangeways Radio is proud to announce the release of our first compilation album, The English Way. As always, we are committed to bringing you the best rising stars and overlooked gems. On The English Way, we have compiled 13 of our favorites from the past year or so; tracks you have heard Monday nights on Sound and Vison + Halcyon Waves, Wednesdays on The Von Pip Musical Express, Toy Factory + When The Sun Hits and Thursdays on Black Planet.

Stream it here:

Among the 13 tracks are 2 exclusives! The English Way is the only place you can hear Oxygen, the new track from Cincinnati Dark Synth band Skeleton Hands or Sylvana from Black Ribbons, the long sought after side project from Daniel Victor of Juno-nominated Neverending White Lights. Also appearing are a trio of LA Synth bands in The New Division, Continues and The Present Moment as well as globe-trotting talent like Kindest Lines (New Orleans), Selebrities (Brooklyn), , Teeel (Trenton, NJ), Hyena Motorcade (Orange County, CA), Mode Moderne (Vancouver), The Spiracles (Peru), Gentle Touch (Sweden) and Torul (Ljubljana).

We are proud to say that these are the tracks that will likely appear on the DJs personal best of 2012 lists, so that should speak to the quality of the music we are offering.

The proceeds from the sale of The English Way go towards the streaming costs and other expenses required to keep the station running. Strangeways Radio is completely listener funded and we appreciate all of the support that we get.

The English Way is available thru Bandcamp for $8 or any higher amount you choose. Please purchase a copy to help support Strangeways and put some amazing new music in your collection. Share with your friends to turn THEM on to the great Strangeways community!