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23 August 2012

Set List for WTSH on Strangeways Radio. Originally Aired August 22, 2012.

band name/track title
Between the Cities are Stars. All That Mad Trouble.
Lilys. Tone Bender.
Weekend. Coma Summer.
Bailter Space. Robot World.
Ceremony. Love is Fiction.
Swervedriver. Duel.
Screen Vinyl Image. Roaming Spirit Freedom.
Chapterhouse. Autosleeper.
The Telescopes. The Perfect Needle.
Bowery Electric. Without Stopping.
Dead Mellotron. I Hate the Way Things Are.
Alcian Blue. Frozen Sleep.


  1. Having missed this, is it archived somewhere where I can hear it?

  2. nope, not officially - give me your email address and i can send you a link to download... :)

  3. ...awesome...I have sent you a message from my gmail acct rather than posting my e-mail address here.

  4. Don't forget me! It's djoy2311[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks!!!!