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19 December 2012

Auction for Danny Lackey Fundraiser Ends Tomorrow!

The second round of the Auction for Danny Lackey's fundraiser will run till December 20th, 2012. 

There are so many awesome, one of a kind items to bid on, and the proceeds all go toward a great cause - contributing to a health fund for Danny Lackey, co-creator of WTSH blog. 

To place your bid, please contact
on Facebook.

Screen Vinyl Image package - vinyl, dvd and posters;
Strange Behavior 12", Interceptors 12", Remixes 12", Rude 66 Split 7", Siberian Eclipse 7", Rare Locrian The Clearing SVI remix on clear flexi, 3 Show posters, Document DVD
Alcian Blue, multi CD package;
Slow Colorless Stare, Angelica Take Me Down (w/ org package), Translucent EP (w/ org package), Silvers Sleep Walk (w/ org packaging), Fall Behind EP, You Just Disappear Single, Alcian Blue S/T, Rare Press CD, You Just Disappear EP
Chapterhouse poster, SIGNED;
"In 2010 Chapterhouse reformed for reunion tour. The Brooklyn show was at The Bell House with Dead Leaf Echo who designed the show poster and had a few rare copies signed by Chapterhouse. One of these copies is now up for auction to help Danny."
Purple Bloom 1st album CD "Purple Bloom", with autograph including the winner's name.
Her Vanished Grace MONITOR MIXES, rare 1996 Remix EP of HVG's version of the song Siouxsie & The Banshees "Monitor"
Including two remixes by Charlie Clouser of Nine Inch Nails
Jas of The Vandelles is donating a day in the studio (Brooklyn) + mixing!!

"I live in Williamsburg Brooklyn. My studio can accommodate a full band recording up to sixteen channels and I use protools 10. The donation is for a day of recording whatever you want and ONE song recorded mixed and ready to go out for whatever you want to use it for. The general going rate for a day in a studio around here is $300..."
Unique The Churchhill Garden 7" vinyl single - on home cut vinyl #1/1, fx. 'An Oyster without a Pearl' + 'Sleepless' - however, the winner gets to choose ANY two The Churchhill Garden tracks he or she prefers (A + B side)
David Nicholas of Sansyou has donated a pedal: Modified by FXDoctor - MXR phase 90 with all options fully loaded: the block logo version - plus a Sansyou CD
Jeff Ware has donated a Tears Run Rings 'Distance' test press #5/5 LP to the auction!
The Telescopes have donated an Everso 12" single with handwritten lyrics included! Track list A; Everso , B1; Never Learn Not To Love , B2; Wish Of You (1990 Creation Records)
St. Marie Records has donated their whole CD catalog;

Patrik Torsson – At The Line Of The Border (CD)
Niels Neilsen – Welcome To The Promising Land Of Hi5ers And Hopeless People (CD)
The Sunshine Factory – Sugar (CD)
Sway – This Was Tomorrow (CD)
The Spiracles – How Things Went Well When I Met You (CD)
Elika – Always The Light (CD, Vinyl)
Drowner – Drowner (CD)
Bloody Knives – Blood (CD)
Panda Riot – Serious Radical Girls (7")
Piano Magic – Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet (CD)
Trespassers William – Cast (2X CD)
L'ALtra – Telepathic (Deluxe Edition CD, 2X Vinyl)
Spotlight Kid – Disaster Tourist (Deluxe Edition CD)
Saint Marie Records – Static Waves (Compilation 2X CD)
Keith Canisius – Beautiful Sharks (CD)
Tom Lugo and Stellarscope has generously donated a Stellarscope package, containing 'This Is Who We Are' CD (signed), T-shirt, sticker and pin!
Ryan L Abato of IATP has donated a IATP package containing 9 CDs + 2 IATP badges;

Sinking Ships - Museum Quality Capture
signed by Miki of Lush, Eric Matthews and Chris Seink

Rob Dickinson - Fresh Wine For The Horses
signed by Rob

Jason Falkner - I'm OK, You're OK
signed by Jason

The Depreciation Guild - Spirit Youth
signed by entire band

Simon Raymonde - Blame Someone Else
signed by Simon

Modern English - Soundtrack (The Album)
signed by band

Wedding Present - Valentina (sealed)
not signed

Lilies On Mars - Wish You Were A Pony
not signed

Soundpool - Mirror In Your Eyes
signed by band