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28 September 2013

New Release: Star Horse || Devour EP.

Star Horse || Devour EP

Sweden’s Star Horse has released a third EP from the 2012 recording sessions that produced last year’s Crush and this year’s Lust, two very fine outings in a rather classic shoegaze mold, with vocals delivered in gentle, almost hushed tones by a wonderfully complementary pairing of male and female voices

The new release is called Devour. The record starts with a majestic track called “Hope To Feel A Hand”, shaking the established sound up a bit by opening the new EP with a brief passage of pure synth polyphony, a melodic synthesizer hook augmented by delayed stacatto pulses and set against expansive sweeps. The synths are quickly punctuated by sparse booms of percussion, and then cascading guitar chords and chiming melodic guitar counterpoint open the sound up to a practically symphonic level of grandeur before the vocal even starts. An auspicious beginning to a four track set that concludes with “Darkness Is A Color”, a fully reverbed but otherwise relatively stripped-down affair that leans hard on simple power chords and may resonate well with fans of The Jesus and Mary Chain. Devour provides a worthy cap to a strong trilogy of EP releases.

Devour has been given a glowing review on Backseat Mafia and can be streamed in full on Soundcloud. The EP can also be streamed and purchased either as a download or limited edition CD on Bandcamp.

The band accompanied the release of the EP with this video for “Hope To Feel A Hand”: