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29 September 2013

Strange Week in Music on the Strangeways Radio blog || week of Sept 25 || feat. SPC ECO and more.

Strange Week in Music on the Strangeways Radio Blog

When The Sun Hits is now contributing to a weekly blog feature on the Strangeways Radio blog called Strange Week in Music. The full article can be found on the Strangeways blog; WTSH cross posts it only partially, with a link to the full article provided.

Strange Week in Music gives each Strangeways DJ an opportunity to highlight one track that is related to his/her show that week; the article will include information, links, images, a video/stream of the tracks and where they can be purchased. You can think of it as Strangeways' Week at a Glance.

If you are new to Strangeways Radio, or are curious about other station shows aside from WTSH, this weekly feature on the Strangeways blog will be the perfect introduction. Below is WTSH's latest contribution.

Artist: SPC ECO
Album: Sirens & Satellites
Song: Fallen Stars
RIYL: Curve, My Bloody Valentine, Brian Eno
Where to Buy: Bandcamp

UK-based SPC ECO, formed in 2006, consists of former Curve member Dean Garcia and Rose Berlin (plus a long list of friends and collaborators). “Fallen Stars” is taken from their recently released LP, Sirens & Satellites, an album that finds SPC ECO at the very top of their game. Of the 10 titles the band has released since 2006, all of which were excellent, Sirens & Satellites just might be their best yet. On “Fallen Stars”, the band perfectly captures that classic dreamy shoegaze sound while simultaneously sounding incredibly modern and forward-thinking. SPC ECO will always be compared to Curve in the media, there’s no way around that, but Garcia and Berlin have - without a doubt - fashioned a sound that is completely and uniquely their own; if such a thing as progressive shoegaze exists, then SPC ECO is definitely a band steering that ship into the future...