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24 April 2011

News and Free Download: Talha Asim Wynne of //orangenoise Releases Solo Material.

Talha Asim Wynne of //orangenoise (the band behind the fairly recent //veracious EP, which is still blowing people's minds) has also been sporadically working on some solo tunes, all of which are extremely impressive. As a solo artist, he sometimes records under the name Toll Crane and sometimes not, and he hasn't yet told me if any of this will be officially released (but I hope so). Talha's most recent effort is the 3 track psych-set entitled A Matter of Seconds, and it is utterly mesmerizing. Click the link to be taken to the free stream and free download of the piece.

///A brief moment of lucidity.
01 The Hook 02 The Fall 03 The Bait.

A Matter of Seconds by talhawynne

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