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27 July 2011

5 Band Submissons by Rob Turner.

In case you missed our announcement last week re: our new weekly feature, 5 Band Submission by Rob Turner: This has been something we at WTSH have been trying to figure out for awhile now: the best way to introduce bands that submit content to us and a way to showcase them. Until we get caught up on all of the material we have, it will be called "5 Bands Submissions". In the future, once we're caught up, we will do a "Top 5 Band submissions". : Rob Turner.

1) Secrets Of The Third Planet (S3P) - Out of my mind.

S3P Bandcamp.
S3P Myspace.


2) The Great Wilderness - Dark Horse.


3) Ten Million Lights - Fast Asleep (LIVE).


4) Teenage Sin Taste - Adrenalin (Feat Adelaide Knees).


5) Shimmercore - Devil Surprise.