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16 July 2011

Top 5 Records of the Week.

Welcome to another installment of When The Sun Hits' weekly obsessions. We've still got more big news to unveil in the near future, as well as some new weekly features you can expect very soon! Lots of surprises in store so stay tuned, UBER GAZE, And whatnot.

For the uninformed, our weekly Top 5 Records lists include older and classic LPs and EPs for you to revisit, as well as brand new releases, so that you can keep your finger on the pulse of new artists and still rock out to classics. It's a great way to give old and new bands exposure, plus we just like making lists, because we are music nerds like that.

We've archived all of the previous weeks for your browsing enjoyment, which you can find in the right side bar, if you're curious about such things.

*Danny's Top 5 Records This Week*

1. Data Unit. Data Unit/EolisFreeProject. Soundcloud Release. s/r. (2011)

2. The Horrors. Skying. XL Recordings. (2011)

3. Drowner. Drowner EP. s/r. (2011)

4. Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd. Bordeaux. Darla. (2011)

5. Starfire Connective Sound. Sound Cloud Releases. s/r. (2011)

*Amber's Top 5 Records This Week*

1. The Horrors. Skying. xl recordings. (2011)

2. The Consolation Project. The B-Sides Trilogy: 2004 - 2011. s/r. (2011).

3. Beach Fossils & Wild Nothing. Gruesome Flowers: A Tribute To The Wake. Captured Tracks. (2011)

4. Auburn Lull. Begin Civil Twilight. Darla. (2008)

5. Mechanism for People. Never Reach for the Stars. s/r. (2011)