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29 July 2011

Last Remaining Pinnacle makes a mix tape for Magnet magazine.

Virginia-based Last Remaining Pinnacle concocts a psychedelia-tinged sound with a modern edge that is hard to resist, AND it just so happens that the band features a certain Dave Allison of Custom Made Music among its ranks, as well. We love Dave (read our Custom Made Music Record Label Spotlight HERE) and Last Remaining Pinnacle has an interview with us coming up in the extremely near future, so we are all about these guys right now. I guess what I mean to say is: LRP are bad ass, and not only WE think so, but Magnet magazine also thinks so. And you should think so!

Magnet chose LRP to participate in their regular Mix Tape feature, which basically entails them choosing bands to make them mix tapes and then they share the mixes with their readers. Pretty cool, idea, actually.

Anyway, Magnet's last handpicked band to make a mix tape was none other than Last Remaining Pinnacle. Considering the size of Magnet's reader circulation, LRP must be on cloud 9! And they totally deserve every bit of exposure they are given, because these guys are TALENTED AS HELL.

Without further ado, click HERE to be taken to the Magnet Mix Tape article, featuring Last Remaining Pinnacle. Awesome!!