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19 October 2012

Album Review: 36. Lithea.

When The Sun Hits 
 Lithea by 36
(pronounced three-six)
Review By: Avet 

Today, I was in for a surprise. A rather odd looking, red &vwhite cover caught my attention while I was browsing some ambient-related Facebook groups. You know how albums with odd covers are; you can't help but check them out. This one is definitely odd, but - oddly enchanting.

And so, it has begun...

Lithea is like being trapped among infinite worlds, like experiencing the most grandiose out-of-this-world Dreamscapes, like being trapped in a cage of sound for eternity. Seconds are days. Days become years. On soundwaves of softly played ambient, we drift through this world of sleep...

Let yourself loose and drown with the Deluge... and then wake yourself up, suddenly, through Reunion. Let the Broken Toys guide your path to the Radio, and then, listen closely to hear Leviathan slowly Levitating around the Cocoon. It's all Clear, suddenly. You are the only One here. The Seance is starting.

...and it really was like this. A mixture of everything. Just do yourself a favor. Get this now.

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