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22 February 2013

Video: Deepfieldview. She's Adorable. Shot by Anthony Langford.

Recently I was contacted via email by a fellow named Anthony Langford, who had, somewhat accidentally, shot a video for the first track on Volume 2 of the 300,000 Compilation - that song being Deepfieldview's "She's Adorable". Deepfieldview was WTSH's co-creator Danny Lackey's musical project, and as many of you already know, Danny passed away 3 weeks ago. Anthony was trying to find a contact for Deepfieldview, so that he could credit the musician. He did not know Danny.

I had to break the news to him, and after that we exchanged several very sweet emails on the subject. Danny would have loved the imagery in this video - it's just the sort of thing he found beautiful and was always photographing with his camera phone. Below you will find the video, as well as Anthony's version of the story. Please do enjoy. xoxo

The Video

I shot the footage on the New South Wales North Coast during an warm, eerie windy night. I also filmed my daughter, who is two. When I returned to Sydney I was checking out the footage as I was listening to this song for the first time. The beat matched the movement (a slight timelapse effect shot in-camera) and the two seemed to merge. The fact that it was called She's Adorable was also ironic. I had to make the video. It was only while searching to credit the band did I learn about Danny Lackey. Curiously he passed away only a couple of days before filming.