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03 August 2010

Top Five Shoegaze Records of the Week.

if you didn't catch our first post on this, one of the cool things we'll be doing on when the sun hits is a weekly posting of our 5 most-listened-to shoegaze/dream pop albums - classic or new, whatever we happen to have been spinning obsessively each week. not only are we nerdy list-makers, but it's a good way to get weekly exposure to new and old shoegaze bands. clicking on the links will take to you to a wealth of info about the bands and their labels, the sites to buy and hear the music, and more! so without further ado...

*danny's top five shoegaze/dream pop records of the week*

1. adorable. fake. creation records. (1994)

2. whirl. distressor EP. self-released. (2010)

3. slowdive. morningrise EP. creation records. (1991)

4. the daysleepers. drowned in a sea of sound. clairecords. (2008)

5. lovesliescrushing. girl. echo. suns. veils. projekt. (2010)

*amber's top five shoegaze/dream pop records of the week*

1. the mary onettes. islands. labrador. (2009)

2. boris. pink. southern lord. (2006)

3. soundpool. mirrors in your eyes. killer pimp. (2010)

4. disco inferno. summer's last sound EP. cheree. (1992)

5. the naked souls. shady ways anticlockwise. lost records. (1995)