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22 December 2010

Free Download of Exclusive New Track: Bloody Knives. I Was Talking To Your Ghost.

Free Download
Bloody Knives, a band that put out one of the best records of this year (the unbelievable Burn It All Down LP - read Amber's review of it here) are releasing a limited edition 7 inch 45 gram vinyl split with the incredible Me You Us Them early next month (read When The Sun Hits' review of the split release here). This new track, "I Was Talking to Your Ghost", is frankly amazing, and confirms that Bloody Knives are simply growing more and more awesome all the time, and their next LP is eagerly awaited.

But best of all, Preston Maddox of Bloody Knives (read our interview with him here) has kindly offered When The Sun Hits readers a FREE DOWNLOAD of the song on their side of the 7 inch, the above mentioned "I Was Talking to Your Ghost". How awesome is that?! A free download of a song taken from a limited edition 7 inch shared with the kick ass Me You Us Them that hasn't even been officially released yet.

I think this is what is commonly known as: getting a major hook up. Thank you, Bloody Knives, for sharing this exclusive track, and when this split 7 inch comes out next month, get yourself one - it's limited edition AND features two bands that have a blazingly bright future ahead.

Click the link below to download the exclusive new track from Bloody Knives entitled, "I Was Talking to Your Ghost", to be released in conjunction with Triple Down Records (MYUS) and killredrocketrecords early next month.