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02 December 2010

Free Download: Amber's Shoegaze Radio Show - Nov. 28th, 2010.

Free Download: Amber's Shoegaze Radio Show.
originally aired on Nov. 28, 2010 on KTRU 91.7fm

Directions: Click here to download the show. Put on headphones or significantly turn up your speaker volume. Enjoyment should ensue. See set list below for mid-enjoyment reference time. Gaze correctly!

band name/song title/record title

Deerhunter. Don't Cry. Halcyon Digest.
Sway. Nucifera. This Was Tomorrow.
Cocteau Twins. The Spangle Maker. 12".
The Daysleepers. Big Sleep (Soviet New Wave Remix). Waves of Creation.
Stellarium. Fader. Self Titled.

Sleep Party People. Our Falling Snow. Self Titled.
The House of Love. Fade Away. Babe Rainbow.
Violens. Acid Reign. Amoral.

Bloody Knives. No One Hears. Burn It All Down.
Prids. Hide Your Thoughts. Chronosynclastic.

Slowdive. Avalyn 1. 12".

Lovesliescrushing. Glnkq. Girl Echo Suns Veil.

Houses. Endless Spring. Single.

The Mary Onettes. Lost. Self Titled.