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22 January 2011

Album Review, Part 1: Youngteam's "Daydreamer" Reviewed in Image Form.

Album Review Part 1:
In Which Amber Attempts to Describe the Excellence of Youngteam's Upcoming LP,
Daydreamer, With Found Images.

Artist: Youngteam.
Album: Daydreamer.
Label: Northern Star Records.
Release date: Feb. 7th (digitally). CD format in March 2011.
Review by: Amber.

What's that, you say? TWO reviews for the same band's album? Excessive, much?

Well, no, it isn't excessive, because Youngteam's Daydreamer is so brilliant, it deserves a double feature.

Part 1: A review in images only. Part 2: A review written with actual words that form sentences and then paragraphs. Part 2 (written in the few English words I know) will be legit and descriptive, never fear. But Part 1 simply prepares you with awesome visuals, handpicked and in some (sad) cases, handmade, by me. I will try very hard not to caption any images, and rather let them speak for themselves. No promises, though. (P.S. none of these images belong to me, but I sure as hell altered a few of them.) Enjoy, and look for the written review within 24 hours!

Mogwai. "Friend of the Night."