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22 January 2011

Album Review, Part 1: Youngteam's "Daydreamer" Reviewed in Image Form.

Album Review Part 1:
In Which Amber Attempts to Describe the Excellence of Youngteam's Upcoming LP,
Daydreamer, With Found Images.

Artist: Youngteam.
Album: Daydreamer.
Label: Northern Star Records.
Release date: Feb. 7th (digitally). CD format in March 2011.
Review by: Amber.

What's that, you say? TWO reviews for the same band's album? Excessive, much?

Well, no, it isn't excessive, because Youngteam's Daydreamer is so brilliant, it deserves a double feature.

Part 1: A review in images only. Part 2: A review written with actual words that form sentences and then paragraphs. Part 2 (written in the few English words I know) will be legit and descriptive, never fear. But Part 1 simply prepares you with awesome visuals, handpicked and in some (sad) cases, handmade, by me. I will try very hard not to caption any images, and rather let them speak for themselves. No promises, though. (P.S. none of these images belong to me, but I sure as hell altered a few of them.) Enjoy, and look for the written review within 24 hours!

Mogwai. "Friend of the Night."


  1. This is the most ridiculously awesome review ever. Much better than pitchfork's overuse of adjectives constantly in theirs. Bravo!