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14 January 2011

News & Free Download: V/A. Jesus in Space 2011, The Resurrection Compilation.

Killredrocket Records has just released their FREE TO DOWNLOAD new compilation, Jesus in Space 2011, The Resurrection. It features, along with a fabulous album title, many When The Sun Hits favorites: Bloody Knives, Morpheme, pinkshinyultrablast, The Lost Rivers, Chatham Rise and Dead Leaf Echo, to name a few, as well as interesting new finds to check out like Boys Beware (who we're particularly digging right now), We are Hex, Infinity Rider, and plenty more.

Click HERE to download the compilation for FREE. At the very least, check out the track listing - it's a great cross section of bands this blog loves. Once you see that track list, you will be powerless against the need to download immediately. Also do it because Killredrocket Records is totally awesome. GO!