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05 January 2011

When The Sun Hits Picks: Top 25 EPs/7 Inches of 2010.

This list could be as long as the LP list (or possibly even longer), but we'll reign it in and limit it to 25 (updated from the previous 20). Once again, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

Top 25 Shoegaze/Dream Pop EPs/7 Inches of 2010

1. Wild Nothing. Evertide.
2. SPC ECO. Silver Clouds.
3. Robin Guthrie. Sunflower Stories.
4. Whirl. Distressor.
5. Velochrome. Velochrome.
6. Screen Vinyl Image. The Ice Station.
7. The Mary Onettes. The Night Before The Funeral 7 inch.
8. Spotlight Kid. Crystal Dreams.
9. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Say No To Love.
10. Between The Cities Are Stars. Between The Cities Are Stars.
11. Bliss City East/Vidulgi Ooyoo. Split.
12. Panda Riot. Far And Near.
13. The Depreciation Guild. Blue Lily 7 inch.
14. Seefeel. Faults.
15. Deerhunter. Revival 7 inch.
16. Love Culture. Aquamarine.
17. Autolux. Bouncing Wall/Census.
18. Glowfriends. Eyelash.
19. The Lost Rivers. My Beatific Vision.
20. Spell 336. Reverse.
21. The Radio Dept. Heaven's On Fire (single).
22. Pinkshinyultrablast. Happy Songs for Happy Zombies. (2009, it seems, but it deserves inclusion).
23. 800beloved. Tidal (single).
24. The Cult of Dom Keller. EP1.
25. SPC ECO. Out Of The Sky.