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16 November 2010

Free Download: Amber's Shoegaze Radio show featuring Northern Star Records bands!

In conjunction with When The Sun Hits' first feature in our new Record Label Spotlight series (which focused on the awesome, psychedelia-infused sounds of Northern Star Records), I decided to also feature all Northern Star bands in my weekly shoegaze radio show for KTRU (based in Houston, Texas) - a one hour block of pure Northern Star goodness. Furthermore, I recorded it and uploaded it as a free download, just for you! If this one hour of excellent music doesn't convince you that Northern Star Records is one of the hottest labels around right now, then I can only come to the conclusion that you have no ears. Pure class. Enjoy, and thanks again to Northern Star Records and Scott Causer!

Click to Download:

Shoegaze Radio Show Featuring Northern Star Records.

band/track title/album title

The December Sound. Never. Silver.
Screen Vinyl Image. Slipping Away. Revolution in Sound.
Maribel. Deflowers. Revolution in Sound.
The Black Angels. You On The Run. Psychedelica Vol 3.
The Telescopes. Another Sky. Psychedelica Vol 3.
Sunsplit. Love Buzz. Psychedelica Vol 3.
Spotlight Kid. Take Some Time. Psychedelica Vol 4.
The Electric Mainline. We Are Now. Psychedelica Vol 1.
The High Dials. Book of the Dead. Psychedelica Vol 3.
The Nova Saints. Sugar Coated. Psychedelica Vol 2.
Insect Guide. Wasted. Psychedelica Vol 4.
The Lost Rivers. Serenade. My Beatific Vision.
God Is An Astronaut. Beyond the Dying Light. Psychedelica Vol 3.