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20 November 2010

Free Download: Amber's Shoegaze Radio Show - 3 Hour Special Set.

On August 15th, 2010, I aired a special three hour shoegaze radio show on KTRU (91.7fm, based in Houston, Texas). For this special show, I chose my four favorite classic shoegaze/dream pop records labels and gave each label a thirty minute block of music. The four labels were: Creation Records, 4AD, Slumberland, and Clairecords.

Yes, I can do math. That only amounts to 2 hours of air time! The last hour was entirely devoted to brand new music from 2010 (up to that point, anyway, as this happened in August). I was very proud of the way the show turned out, and decided to offer it here on When The Sun Hits as a free download! All of my future radio shows will be also offered as free downloads for When The Sun Hits readers, and I'm in the process of archiving some of my past shows to offer as free downloads as well.

I hope you enjoy my selections (I had a hell of a time choosing only 30 minutes of music from such wonderful labels). The link to download the show is provided below, along with a set list. Gaze correctly!

(originally aired live on August 15, 2010 - KTRU 91.7fm)

Hour one: Creation Records & 4AD.

Creation Records:
The Jesus and Mary Chain. Upside Down.
Ride. Taste.
Adorable. Feed Me.
My Bloody Valentine. Off Your Face.
The Boo Radleys. Does This Hurt?
Slowdive. Silver Screen.
Ultra Vivid Scene. A Dream of Love.
Pale Saints. Throwing Back the Apple.
This Mortal Coil. A Single Wish.
A.R. Kane. Lollita.
Cocteau Twins. Blind Dumb Deaf.
Swallow. Oceans and Blue Skies.
Blonde Redhead. 23.

Hour Two: Slumberland & Clairecords.

Stereolab. The Way Will Be Opening.
Black Tambourine. By Tomorrow.
Rocketship. Kisses Are Always Promises.
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Higher Than The Stars.
Lilys. Collider.
Astrobrite. Overdriver.
Pia Fraus. Zodalovers.
Airiel. Kiss Me Slowly.
Secret Shine. Way Too High.
Monster Movie. Vanishing Act.
Averkiou. Holland and Headaches.
Air Formation. Turns Into Sky.

Hour Three: All new shoegaze/dream pop.

Screen Vinyl Image. New Visions.
The Prids. Hide Your Thoughts.
The Mary Onettes. The Night Before the Funeral.
Autolux. The Bouncing Wall.
Wild Nothing. Confirmation.
Ceremony. Regret.
Spell 336. Silence.
Whirl. Leave.
Tears Run Rings. Inertia.
Air Formation. Low December Sun.
The Sleepover Disaster. Friend.
Highspire. Just Begun.
Walls. Burnt Sienna.
Seinking Ships. The Pain Galactic.