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08 November 2010

Interview: Az Kadir of Stellarium.

Stellarium is a four piece shoegaze/noise band from South East Asia, who's super fuzzed out, feedback laden sound is unforgettable once you get an earful. With one excellent full length self titled LP under their belt and a split 12" LP with Ceremony coming soon (to be released on Custom Made Music), Stellarium have already made quite the name for themselves in the realm of shoegazers and noisemakers alike. We here at When The Sun Hits have been "shitting in our pants awaiting the arrival" of this feature interview with Stellarium's composer, guitarist and vocalist, Az Kadir (who also has other music projects under the names I, Noiseferatu and Disco Ditto), and as you read on into the interview, you'll see why! We hope you enjoy getting to know Az a little more in this interview - along with being an amazing musician, he's also quite entertaining and witty. Keep gazing!

1. How was Stellarium formed?

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far, away. Came I, Noiseferatu, unto this world from the destruction of his previous post-punk project and like a blithe upon this world, he set upon a path which was joined by Mar, with whom the two fell in love and then met Bach and Fid. Total inter-galactical destruction was the plan. And they set forth and never looked back. Darth Sidious and Vader were shitting in their pants awaiting our arrival*.

[When The Sun Hits attempted to contact both Darth Sidious/Palpatine and Darth Vader regarding this statement, but both declined to comment.]

2. Where does the name Stellarium come from?

Stellarium's name was thought of by Mar, it's a reference to the 3-dimensional map of the stars; there were times spent gazing at the galaxies and star maps, and it just hit Mar while we were relaxing in a mom and pops coffee shop contemplating peace and serenity after world destruction.

3. Do you guys feel like a part of the Shoegaze scene?

To belong is to want, to want is to desire, to desire leads to greed, and greed leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and that, is the path of the darkside, my young padawan. We're cool with having friends from many scenes and genres as compared to just, one. We'd prefer not to be affiliated with a secular 'scene' but perhaps doing our own thing is a much better way of saying things. Along the way if our paths cross with individuals or bands who dig our stuff, that's simply a blessing.

4. What is the music scene like in South East Asia? Is shoegaze popular there?

The music scene in South East Asia is a very indie rock/pop, mainstream, alternative rock dominated place. Everyone likes Maroon 5, just like where you are at, people like Garth Brooks. Shoegaze is almost like a rarity here. Almost. It's like stumbling on, GOLD.

5. What artists have most influenced your work?

Many, from the 60s garage, surf, psyche, rock n' roll stuff to Krautrock, Industrial, Hip Hop (circa 89' to 93'), noise rock, early 90s shoegaze, sludge, stonerdoom artists' stuff, lotsa.

6. Tell us a little about what you are currently into (bands, books, films, etc)?

I'm currently into Skywave, Suicide Party, the KVB, Mellonyellow, Sharesprings, the Lost Rivers, A Place To Bury Strangers, Ceremony (split LP with them coming up), Screen Vinyl Image, Fungi Girls, the Vanity Press, Grandfather, Was She A Vampire, Tears Run Rings, Bloody Knives, the Vandelles, Dead Leaf Echo, Oblisk, Woven Bones, The Pledge Of Cain, Acid King, Burning Witch, His Hero Is Gone, Pazahora, Jellybelly, Yumi, Space Gambus Experiment, Under The Velvet Sky, I / D, Serigala Jahanam, A Stone A, Electric Wizard, Loop, the Telescopes,
the Sunshine Factory, and Between The Cities are Stars, etc.

My books are closed, I read no more.

The last few films that I enjoyed and can recall now are David Lynch's films, Le Petit Nicholas, Life in Loops (A Megacities Remix).

7. What sort of set up/gear do you use? What is the most important piece of gear for your sound (i.e. pedals, guitars, drums, etc.)?

Anger, Hate, Anarchy, Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony and Chaos.

8. What do you think of modern Shoegaze/Dream Pop artists, any favorites?

I believe that there is a certain generic elements to some bands that are over glorified, and some attitudes that are really not relevant to shoegazers, for eg an overwhelming desire to 'innovate' that MBV guitar sound as well as shoegaze bands having indie/alt rock, commercial, major label bullshit attitude when they are really at point zero in their careers. Some of them should just wake the fuck up.

9. How do you guys write? Do you each bring in finished work, or do you write as a full band?

We all write singularly but create the whole song together. Someone would just kick up a riff, groove, or a weird noise, and we'd just play to that and try to formulate structures and create interesting passages or parts and just improvise on an already formulated idea.

10. When will the new album be out?

We'll most probably be releasing stuff ad hoc and impromptu, I will reveal details like albums or EPs or whatever but to be honest, we'd prefer to just release on instinct.

11. Any plans to tour the United States?

We'll definitely love to come to the states and meet our friends and fellow bands there that we love, even just to hang out. We do not know when, but it's a definite yes! We'd love to hang out with you in Alabama too! And anywhere else, as long as the rednecks don't get in our way. I'll keep my .12 gauge buckshot ready just in case.

12. What is your philosophy (on life), if any, that you live by?

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
The Shadow Knows.