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10 November 2010

Top 5 Shoegaze Records of the Week.

Welcome to another installment of When The Sun Hits' weekly obsessions. Old or new, we post our top 5 picks each week, spotlighting what we've had on constant rotation. It's a great way to give old and new bands exposure, plus we just like making lists, because we are music nerds like that. We've archived all of the previous weeks for your browsing enjoyment, which you can find in the right side bar, if you're curious about such things.

Don't forget, this Friday is our spotlight feature with Northern Star Records. When The Sun Hits is about to start doing record label features on a regular basis, and who better to start with than Northern Star!? In the feature you'll get an interview with the label, spotlights/info on bands on that label, videos, links, AND a free downloadable mini sampler featuring bands from the label! Basically, it's going to kick ass. Also upcoming in the next 2 weeks: interviews with Insect Guide, Kurt Feldman (The Depreciation Guild/The Pains of Being Pure at Heart), Fleeting Joys, Dead Leaf Echo, as well as a few surprises we'll keep to ourselves for now. Enjoy!

*Danny's Top 5 Shoegaze/Dream Pop Records of the Week*

1. Robin Guthrie. Sunflower Stories. Rocket Girl. (2010)

2. Sleep Party People. Self Titled. Speed of Sound/A:larm Music. (2010)

3. She, Sir. Ev'rything in Paris. Happy Prince. (2010)

4. Ulrich Schnauss. Missing Deadlines (Selected Remixes). Rocket Girl (2010)

5. Viernes. Sinister Devices. Kanine Records. (2010)

*Amber's Top 5 Shoegaze/Dream Pop Records of the Week*

1. Me You Us Them. Post-Data. Triple Down Records. (2010)

2. Deerhunter. Halcyon Digest. 4AD. (2010)

3. Dead Leaf Echo. Truth. 2 & 1 Records. (2010)

4. Various Artists. Psychedelica Volume 4. Northern Star Records. (2010)

5. Spoonfed Hybrid. Hibernation Shock. Farrago Records. (1996)