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13 March 2011

Free Download: Amber's Radio Show. Aired March 6, 2011.

Amber's Shoegaze Radio Show.

originally aired on Feb. 27th, 2011 on KTRU 91.7fm.

Directions: Click HERE to download the show. Put on headphones or significantly turn up your speaker volume. Enjoyment should ensue.

See set list below for mid-enjoyment reference time. Gaze correctly!

band name/track title.

Televise. Tropical Mix.
Between the Cities are Stars. Crystal's Not Clear.
LSD and the Search for God. Backwards.
Fleeting Joys. Golden Now.
Broken Little Sister. Silence.Ulrich Schnauss. Never be the Same.
The Fauns. Road Meets Sky.
Glifted. The Ground.
Hum. Dreamboat.
Jesu. End of the Road.
Flying Saucer Attack. The Drowners (Suede cover)
. Vapour.