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13 March 2011

Free Download: Spotlight Kid's brand new track, Haunting.

Spotlight Kid (yes, kids, the name is a Captain Beefheart reference!) is a shoegaze/dream pop band based in Nottingham. After releasing the Departure LP in 2006 to critical acclaim, the band was fairly quiet until this year, which saw the release of an excellent EP entitled Crystal Dreams, as well as the JUST released All is Real/April 7 inch, featuring the new single, "All is Real". If you like your gaze guitar drenched and fuzzed out in the vein of MBV and Slowdive, you need to check out Spotlight Kid immediately. And you can LITERALLY do it immediately. Just click the link below to download Spotlight Kid's brand new track, "Haunting". Enjoy!

Download "Haunting" HERE

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