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02 March 2011

Free Download: Amber's Shoegaze Radio Show. Aired Feb. 13, 2011.

Free Download:

Amber's Shoegaze Radio Show.

originally aired on Feb. 13th, 2011 on KTRU 91.7fm

Directions: Click HERE to download the show. Put on headphones or significantly turn up your speaker volume. Enjoyment should ensue.

See set list below for mid-enjoyment reference time. Gaze correctly!

band name/song title

a place to bury strangers. the falling sun.
ulrich schnauss. medusa.
kontakte. astralagus.
insect guide. freak scene (dinosaur dj cover).
the voices. it's not within you it's without you.
the sky drops. long way.
boris. 8.
the sky drops. stone white.
alcest. ciel errant.
the year zero. moonviewing parties.
slowdive. machine gun.
ceremony. marianne.


  1. Pretty sure this is the playlist from the previous recorded show (02-06-2011). Keep up the good work! We all love the show, blog, your collective magnificence.

  2. man, you are so right. i just corrected it. i had a feeling something wasn't right here...of course, had i not been lazy and followed up on that feeling...hahaha!

  3. Alcest! I'm so addicted to "Ciel Errant" right now it's not even funny.

  4. "ciel errant" is by far my most beloved track by them! :) - amber.

  5. Could you play some Sway and Bloody Knives on your next show?

  6. Hey Everyone! If you haven't heard about the Deep Heaven Now Festival in Sommerville, MA. Its coming up April 15,16. Tons of good bands. TSF is playing along with the sky Drops. If you in the area don't miss it. If not we will be posting a lot of video and maybe submitting a report to Amber if she will have us!!!!!

  7. Holy crap that sure was a cover of Freak Scene. That was totally the anthem of my incandescence in 9th grade. Loving it.