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22 March 2011

Quote of the month: Adam Franklin from Swervedriver. Taken from the Drowned in Sound article "Franklin dissects shoegaze" (2009).

"A guy I know is friends with Scott Walker and tells me: "Scott is a fan of shoegaze". That makes perfect sense to me somehow. Walker's music has always had a unique kind of ambience and I think you can probably hear a connection with Slowdive's music and the Bacharach-style chords and melodies Kevin Shields plays on Loveless - as he's simultaneously hitting you over the head with a Ron Asheton-sized sledgehammer of course. Shoegaze though eh? pfft. A musical genre with the word "shoe" in it? - Lordy! Just as well the shoes in question (Russell Yates from Moose's shoes) were a rather smart pair of brothel creepers. Not that I really know who they mean when they say shoegaze, although I suspect they sometimes mean me, the bastards. Still it's somewhat amusing and completely ridiculous that the term stuck and that there are bands in all corners of the globe perfectly happy to list themselves as 'Shoegaze' on their MySpace pages." ~Adam Franklin.