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15 March 2011

New Video: Boris. Party Boy.

Quintessential Japanese drone/metal/sludge metal/noise rock/psychedelic rock/shoegaze and ambient group, Boris (check out the pics Amber took at their live show last July HERE), has 2011 lined up to be a very interesting and busy year. They have several albums coming out, and in true Boris fashion, none of them can really be pigeon holed by one specific genre (see the handful of genres I tried to use in the first sentence - they essentially all apply). However, the album they are releasing tomorrow on Daymare Recordings, apparently simply entitled New Album, is definitely a departure these guys have not explored yet. Wata, the band's only female member (and, off topic, but she is beautiful as well), sings lead on most of the songs, and the band forays into the realm of absolute dream pop. This is Boris like you have NEVER heard them before. Check out the video below to hear what we're talking about. Very interesting, indeed.