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15 June 2011

Album Review: Slowness. Hopeless But Otherwise EP.

Artist: Slowness.
Hopeless but Otherwise EP.
Record Label:
Ourselves Records.

4.7 / 5
Rob Turner.

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The only reason this is getting a 4.7/5 rating (rather than higher) is because I wanted to leave room for Slowness to grow into an LP. Hopeless But Otherwise is an amazingly solid four song EP, and I want more!

The first track, "Black & White", sets the stage for what you know will be a great listening adventure. The chiming guitar into solid bass and drums, then the almost hypnotic vocals (the lyrics are very smart and well thought out, with an overall sense of warmth) .

Slowness. Black & White.

The second track, "Duck and Cover ", is my personal favorite off this EP.
(Enough said!)

The third track, " Slow Boat", (which was also included on the Rock Back for Japan compilation (volume two, track four) is a real earworm! It will absolutely make you chant the lyrics: "Project the past... Protect the future..." like you have undiagnosed Turrett's.

Slowness. Slow Boat.

The fourth and final track, "Little King ", is the soundtrack to the sweetest shoegaze dreams you could ever want to have...(which is why we included it on The First 100,00 Compilation, of course!).

I know Slowness is a band to keep an eye on in the future!

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