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01 June 2011

Ouote: Noel Gallagher, co-destroyer of Creation Records, explains how to be a douchebag.

Oasis usually get blamed for the destruction of Creation Records. Of course, there were a lot more factors than that, but Oasis is the most fun to focus on. Yeah, Loveless cost a small fortune to make (totally worth it, wouldn't you say?), Alan McGee was kinda losing it a little, and then Oasis came along, swaggering and sneering. They were the straw (a soda straw, clipped to make a cocaine snorting tool) that broke the Creation camel's back.

I will say - yeah, I don't mind their first album. It's fine and dandy. Whatever. Better than a lot of other classic Creation releases? PLEASE. NOT EVEN FUCKING CLOSE.

Still, love them or hate them, the Gallagher brothers stay the stupidest shit conceivable to the media. At this point, I'm over their whirlwind of destruction (plus quitting while you are ahead sometimes IS wise, and Creation at least has that bonus), and now find Oasis ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. Not because they are awesome, but because they are an inexplicable phenomena of Ridiculously Entertaining Douchebaggery (yeah, that's a sickness). There are a bazillion funny Gallagher brothers' quotes out there, and feel free to leave your favorite in the comment section, but this one made me laugh earlier:

Noel Gallagher: All I ever wanted to do was make a record. Here's what you do: you pick up your guitar, you rip a few people's tunes off, you swap them round a bit, get your brother in the band, punch his head in every now and again, and it sells.


PRICELESS. And you know what? Here's an Oasis video. You should just click play and see what sorts of weird feelings resurface. I did, and it was fun. Oh and hey Noel & Liam, when you were getting high, I was like, trying to figure out wtf a "champagne supernova" was. And probably making mix tapes in my cave-like bedroom. All I know is that it occurs in the sky, so elaboration at some point would be cool.