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05 June 2011

Mini VJ Set: Ryan L Abato, creator of I Am The Programmer, chooses his top 5 most influential shoegaze tracks.

Mr. L Abato, WTSH owes you one of the biggest debts of all - your creation, I Am The Programmer (which got it's start as an IATP facebook group page fueled by Ryan's downloadable podcasts) gave music obsessives like us a nurturing arena to hardcore geek out and not feel super geeky about it. IATP played a big role in bringing together many groups of people via our common bond - and the WTSH group in particular. Every single person involved in this blog met via the IATP group page. We can all say whatever about Facebook - yeah it's annoying, it's distracting, it's just plain weird sometimes - but these people are our true friends. We speak on the phone, we care for each other, we are there for one another, we occasionally drunk dial one another, and we're business partners. It's amazing that a group of music loving fools could bond so much over music via the interweb that IATP has turned into an internationally acclaimed podcast and the company itself is flourishing, and our humble little blog here has been viewed over 100,000 unique times, and we have big plans on the way as all (I'll stop hinting about it soon, swears!). So thank you, Ryan. I hope that we have given back to you at least a little of what you have given us.

Here's to the future, everyone *raises wine glass*

Oh, and by the way Ryan, Erasure is a good band. You can drop the charade. You love 'em, we all know it - Erasure even knows it.


I really appreciate WTSH letting me take part in their celebration. It's an honor and I wish them continued successes with even bigger support. Thanks so much, Ryan

Blur : Inertia

They were thrown into all sorts of categories when Leisure was first released. When I bought the single to There's No Other Way, Inertia blew me away. It creates this killer wall of sound and should really be acknowledged as a shoegaze song .


Fury Things : Flame

Is it cheating to upload songs not on youtube ? I could never find another song from Fury Things (not to be confused with Furry Things apparently). All I know is this has been played to death and thought I'd share a song with anyone who has not heard it.


Moose : Soon Is Never Soon Enough

Moose appeals to every sense of my musical appetite. They were much broader than one genre, and that is how they became very personal to me. They were able to take a country chord and turn it dreamy. Russell Yates will be on Flights very soon. He has by far one of my favourite voices of all time. Paul Simpson and Guy Chadwick vibes, but way more delicate. This song is always in my head, lucky me !


Blind Mr Jones : Dolores

I have been scrutinizing over what songs should make it in here. So tough ! I'm keeping Adorable, Ride, Swervedrive, UVS, CW, Lush etc out based on pure adoration for most influential songs personally in the genre and Blind Mr Jones has to be there. I frickin love Dolores. They added flutes, c'mon, flutes.


Pale Saints : Babymaker

Ian Masters, a voice from Heaven. So many textures, and all so beautiful. Instead of listing
the actual song since we've all heard it - this fan does a really great job covering it.