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05 June 2011

The First 100,000: A Compilation. Free Download and Exclusive Material!

Here's the proof that the WTSH 100,000 Commemoration Compilation actually HAS been in the making and, in fact, DOES exist! But is it ready for download, you ask? ("For free?" someone in the back chimes in...) Hell yes it is! This will have a more official release in the next week or so on bandcamp, simply because we think it will reach even MORE people that way, but this is the final product! Below you will find the album cover art (sans Danzig, sorry guys) and the track listing. Please try to keep your wits about you, despite the high levels of awesome.

As we've already mentioned, several songs on this comp are very special. As you go through the track listing, you will see why! Most of the songs are brand new, unreleased, demos, or made specifically for this compilation. Huge deal to us! Thank you to everyone: the readers, musicians, label owners, and gazers. We're proud to know you all.

Danny & Amber.

Click above to download your free compilation.

:Track Listing:

1. The Consolation Project - Damage.
2. Love Culture - Islands.
3. Bloody Knives - Whatever You Want. (previously NEVER released)
4. Music for Headphones - Doctor.
5. The Sleepover Disaster - Funnel Cloud.
6. Astrobrite - Supernova Kiss. (unreleased, made specifically for this compilation!)
7. Soren Well - Starry Eyes Gone Blank Tonight.
8. Spell 336 - Silence. (new version of song)
9. Screen Vinyl Image - New Visions.
10. Resplandor - Sensitive. (Field Mice Cover)
11. The Ice Choir - I Want You Now and Always. (unreleased demo)
12. Famous - The Hanging Gardens (feat. Ana Breton - never been heard by the public or released)**
13. The Electric Mainline - Anyhow. (never been released)
14. Sleepmask - Black Depression Blues. (unreleased)
15. Dead Leaf Echo - Trial.
16. Presents for Sally - Smell Your Scent.
17. Starblood - Seaweed Princess. (unreleased)
18. Mittenfields - Mixed Signals. (unreleased)
19. - Lady Luck.
20. Slowness - Little King.

**This particular band has a special history that we are going to cover next week in a feature. Until then, enjoy it!