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02 June 2011

New Video: Rebecca Peake. Even Strawberry.

Usually we let Mr. Rob Turner (brave soul that he is) help us sort the blog's email inbox and prioritize emails and other sorts of wonderful magical things suchlike. Rob Turner is a magic man, and prevents Danny and I from having panic attacks daily by doing this. And yes, Danny and I read our emails (that Rob forwards to us magically)! We are just afraid of the actual email INBOX, which seems way too overflow-y with binary.

ANYWAY, this morning I cruised by the WTSH inbox for funsies, and discovered this interesting gem. We haven't yet checked out the rest of the tunes that are streaming on Rebecca Peake's bandcamp page, but we will (and you should, as well, and let us know what you think) but this video was more than enough to get me very intrigued.