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03 June 2011

Mini VJ Set: Perry Pelonero of Morpheme, and Skylight chooses his top 5 most influential shoegaze tracks.

Perry Pelonero is many things to many people: an excellent musician in a slew of current bad ass bands, a former member of a slew of now defunct bad ass bands, a kind and generous chap, a great friend, a huge supporter of music and musicians, he's married to a hot chick, and he is a flatulent pain in our arses...kidding! If you've followed the blog at all, you know we LOVE Perry Pelonero and Kim Welsh. They are hilarious and wonderful and have that rare sense of humor than can have us rolling on the floor laughing (because we have yet to actually grow up). Perry also enjoys getting into violent and hilarious verbal wars with one of his bandmates, Dean Garcia (yes, that Dean Garcia, of Curve), which is entertaining for everyone (especially us!). We'd say more, Perry - but yeah, nutsack. (don't even ask, people, haha)

We love you, P! THIS MUCH!


Swervedriver - Sci flyer

First time I heard this song the guitars and Adams voice just did it for me. I had never heard tones like that. Met them in Boston right when this album came out. We sat at a bar and drank Red Stripes.. They went on stage that night, and I hung off the side of the stage monitors... They made me DEAF that night. Thanks guys.

Spacemen 3 - Revolution

The drone and power .. Period.. This song still kicks massive amount of ass....


Curve - Horror Head

Yeah.. Fuck yeah.. Fucking A yeah? Toni's voice. Dean's bass... The guitars!! Fuck yeah... Who would think that I would make music with him all these years later.... Influential? Fuck yeah...

And speaking of Dean, I just want to add two things: firstly, I can beat Dean's ass with my eyes closed. Secondly, Dean - fucking change your bass strings.


Primal Scream - Higher Than the Sun
(Sorry Perry, this is your moment, but can I add: FUCK YEAH for this song. FUCK YEAH)

Pure.. Fuck the rest.. love this song...


Boo Radleys - Does This Hurt?

Everything's Alright Forever... Nuff said.. I think i used to listen to the whole album over and over.. Never really liked much after this album... The video is fucking stupid though...