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05 June 2011

Mini VJ Set: Kim Welsh of Morpheme, and Bananagaze enthusiast chooses her top 5 most influential shoegaze-ish tracks.

Kim Welsh is one of the coolest girls we know. Honestly - she is a rare gem, and we are pissed that geography prevents us from hanging out with her and Perry all the time (I mean, if they would even let us in the door. You never know with them.) She is beautiful, her voice is beautiful, and her fucked up sense of humor is beautiful (sorry to break it to the world, but we shoegazers are the silliest people on earth when it comes to anything besides music. Banana Hammock. Should I say more?). Yes, I should. I should also mention that Kim as been a devout champion of banana hammocks throughout her life, but she has recently gone so far as to utterly revolutionize and rejuvenate the banana hammock community. She has even reached out to the small minded world via various media outlets about the the wonders of banana hammocks. In fact, even a banana, the fruit, isn't a safe conversation topic anymore.

Oops, tangent. We do that a lot, too. In short: We adore you, Kim Welsh!

OH and P.S. - She's TOTALLY serious about her 5th video choice.


I don't have the same experience with shoes as everyone else. So I'll give you five that may or may not fit the category that have influenced me to explore the "dreamy" side of rock.

Ivy -Thinking About You

I discovered them way late. I heard "Edge of the Ocean" on a cruise-line commercial and looked for it online and discovered all this other stuff I love. "Thinking About You" has the cutest video, but I also LOOOOOVE "Corners of Your Mind".


Stereolab - Flourescences

I freakin' love this song and I love the video. I've "borrowed" most of their video techniques for my day job. I listen to this song at least once a week.


Pink Floyd - Pigs (Three Different Ones)

I've made no secret about my love for Animals. Soooooooooo dreamy. I picked this one for this list for the brilliant vocal arrangement. The phrasing and syncopation makes me want to karaoke it. (If only!) It's also why I like the kind of guitar noise I like.


Church - Reptile

This makes me bob and sway around with my eyes half closed so it must be right.


Marty Balin - Hearts

:20 fake dialing of phone and
2:20 to 2:50 banana hammock