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04 June 2011

Tomorrow: The final day of 100,000 content, compilation news, and Amber forcing you to listen to guitar tone.

What Danny and I first conceived as a 2 day celebration has morphed into a week long string of awesomeness - and YES, there is still MORE to come! Tomorrow (Sunday) should be the finale of most (probably all) of the content; the binary equivalent of a crate full of band interviews will post next week, during back to normalness time.

The compilation WILL BE AVAILABLE TOMORROW. We're just waiting on 2 more tracks to be sent in, which we'll get tonight. The compilation is going to be really special, everyone. We're very proud of it. Due to time constraints, the first available download of the comp will be via an easier free download platform - in a week or so, it'll be available via bandcamp, as well, so that the spectacular master piece that it is can be more widely available to the world. Not that bandcamp isn't easy for YOU GUYS to dl from, but setting it up takes about a bazillion point three eight years (not really, but we need more time to do it).

And YES, the cover art has been chosen, approved of by all of us with little to no giggling, and won't feature David's laser adorned floating head, Mark E. Smith's mangled rat grill or a rose hued Danzig. I tried to get a unicorn on there, but was outvoted.

In all seriousness, it's a great great comp. High quality in all respects, one of a kind tracks, specialness all around.

ALSO, if not tomorrow, then Monday we will announce the Big Future Plans And Ideas we've been hinting about all week. We're excited about this! You should be too! Clap your hands and chair dance or whatever! Put on some German coldwave from 1985 and stoically cut a rug. Shout quotes from "Blue Velvet" at a loved one. Watch Ren and Stimpy. Make your mom watch the video for New Order's "Touched (By the Hand of God)". Whatever it is you do when you are excited, do that.

So until tomorrow, here's this video, which has nothing to do with anything 100,000 related, I was just speculating earlier today to Laser Head about how I really like the guitar tone in this song, and that's basically why I'm posting it. It's also a good song. But that guitar tone? It's good right? And I'll be putting on a sunn o))) LP right after this, so don't even TRY to call me cheesy.