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04 December 2011

Band Spotlight: The Never Years.

After discovering their album and debuting a track on Strangeways Radio several weeks ago, I still somehow didn't learn until just a few days ago that The Never Years live and make music in Houston, about 15 blocks from where I currently live. How cool is that?

The band's first LP, Life of Dreams, has been in constant rotation at my apartment since its release, which was November 1, 2011. Check out the music and links below - I'm sure you'll find them quickly in constant rotation at your place, too. We have an interview with Jamie Long of The Never Years coming up in the near future, so look forward to that, as well!

"The Never Years comes across, at least somewhat, like an early Radio Dept. However, the vocals are deeper and have a sadness unaccounted for in that other group...Given these sounds, one would expect them to hail from some exotic land – Sweden perhaps, or New York...No, they come from Houston. Well played, Texas." - The Fense Post


  1. Several songs on this release were originally released under the artists name Jamie Long on the Plastique Musique label a few years back. It looks like Jamie decided to go by that eps title of "the never years" from now on. About 5 of these songs were never released before though. Regardless, I'm a big fan and i'm glad to see Jamie is getting some attention. These songs are beautiful

  2. oh, one more thing...I did go immediately to the bandcamp page and bought this. Thanks WTSH for the heads up!