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11 December 2011

Set List for When The Sun Hits on Strangeways Radio, Aired December 7th, 2011.

band name/track title
Keith Canisius. Meltdown.
2 Hearts and Chemicals. Teenage Angst (Placebo Cover).
The Never Years. Aquarium.
2060 Chiron. Liftoff.
Blackbird Blackbird. Tear.
Halls. Chakra Drum (Sun Glitters Remix).
Readymade. Outlast By Rain.
Glider. Where Have All Your Dreams Gone.
The Meeting Places. Love Like the Movies.
Her Vanished Grace. Passenger.
Catwalk. One By Words.
Between the Cities are Stars. All That Mad Trouble.
SPC ECO. You Tell Me (Buzz Mix).
Film School. Compare.
Aerosol. Sleepy Sunset.