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18 December 2011

Review: Haunted Leather. Desert Spells.

When The Sun Hits
Haunted Leather's Desert Spells
Reviewed by Jason M. Miller

Band: Haunted Leather
Album: Desert Spells
Release Date: 2011

When the word "Desert" is used in a band’s name, song title or in the case of the group Haunted Leather, their album’s name; a distinct atmosphere is usually evoked.

An atmosphere of mystery, desolation, distance, sparse landscapes, harshness and the raw beauty that is the desert; all these things describe the album, Desert Spells by the trio that call themselves Haunted Leather (and it doesn't hurt that the guitarist and vocalist is named "Dusty" either).

The seven compositions on their album are a journey through a mystical landscape of fuzz and wah-wah guitar solos, plus plodding drums and distorted bass tones that are surrounded by hazy, distant vocals that reverberate amongst the instruments like a desert night wind. The band is from Michigan, so they obviously have some secret methods and concoctions that they use to conjure up this musical mind warp!

Each song leads to the next in a seamless manner that takes you deeper into the psychedelic expedition that is Desert Spells. Once again, if you think the combination of guitar/bass/drums is played out, Haunted Leather will make you reconsider. Bang your head slowly and forcefully to the music of Haunted Leather, while you tag along on their desert trip!

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By Jason M. Miller