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22 December 2011

WTSH is Expanding - Would You Like to Help?

Tis the season - to dream big (we gazers are very good at the dreaming bit...) and to make it happen. When The Sun Hits has been gearing up for expansion for months, and starting in January 2012, we are taking the blog to the next level. We weren't expecting to grow so quickly or so fast (or at all, ever, really) but here we are.

Starting in 2012, WTSH will be expanding our number of staff writers, whom we plan to pay, because they deserve it. We will also be selling merchandise of all sorts - posters, pin badges, t-shirts and special edition compilations are just a FEW items we'll be offering our readers in the very near future. Cool, right? By mid-2012, expect to be able to buy the very first special edition PRINT version of WTSH, which is going to be RAD. We have even more surprises planned for the coming year, but we'll remain hush hush about those. :)

It is now possible, via Paypal, to donate as little or as much as you'd like (or none!) to our blog fund. The money will go toward maintaining the site, paying our writers, getting merchandise made, bringing WTSH to print, planning festivals, supporting musicians and more. You can click on the Donate button in the right sidebar of the blog, and you will always find that same button located in that same place, if you'd like to give in the future. We don't want to muck up the blog with adverts and such (plus we advertise the shit we like for FREE, that's just how we do), so a donation fund seemed like a better idea.

Thank you to everyone - gazers all over the globe - for reading and supporting us. We are beyond humbled by all of it. Happy Holidays, Gazers.