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07 September 2010

Top 5 Shoegaze Records of the Week.

By now you guys probably know the drill; When The Sun Hits does this cool thing every week which involves Danny & I doing a posting of our 5 most-listened-to shoegaze/dream pop albums - classic or new, whatever we happen to have been spinning obsessively that particular week. We think it's a great way to get weekly exposure to new and old shoegaze/dream pop bands; plus, we are nerdy list-makers. Perhaps you have picked up on this by now...

There is a new feature on the blog, located on the right sidebar, which allows you to conveniently browse all of the Top 5 lists from previous weeks, if you happen to be curious.

*Danny's Top Five Shoegaze/Dream Pop Records of the Week*

1. Sonic Youth. Daydream Nation. Geffen. (1988)

2. SPC ECO. Silver Clouds EP. Electric. (2010)

3. Tears Run Rings. Distance. Quince. (2010)

4. Lou Reed. Metal Machine Music. RCA. (1975)

5. Curve. Pubic Fruit. Anxious Records. (1992)

*Amber's Top 5 Shoegaze/Dream Pop Records of the Week*

1. Deerhunter. Revival 7 inch. 4AD. (2010)

2. The Mary Onettes. The Night Before the Funeral 7 inch. Labrador. (2010)

3. The Darling Buds. Pop Said. Epic. (1988)

4. Bailter Space. Robot World. Flying Nun Records. (1993)

5. Disco Inferno. In Debt. Carrot Top Records. (1995)