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14 September 2010

Top 5 Shoegaze Records of the Week.

By now you guys probably know the drill; When The Sun Hits does this cool thing every week which involves Danny & I doing a posting of our 5 most-listened-to shoegaze/dream pop albums - classic or new, whatever we happen to have been spinning obsessively that particular week. We think it's a great way to get weekly exposure to new and old shoegaze/dream pop bands; plus, we are nerdy list-makers. Perhaps you have picked up on this by now...

There is a new feature on the blog, located on the right sidebar, which allows you to conveniently browse all of the Top 5 lists from previous weeks, if you happen to be curious.

*Danny's Top 5 Shoegaze/Dream Pop Records of the Week*

1. Crash City Saints. Glow in the Dark Music. Quince. (2010)

2. Glifted. Under and In. Martians Go Home! (2002)

3. Lemon's Chair. I Hate I Hope. Rocket Girl. (2010)

4. Hammock. Chasing After Shadows...Living With Ghosts. Hammock Music. (2010)

5. The Daysleepers. Waves of Creation. Rain Delay Music. (2010)

*Amber's Top 5 Shoegaze/Dreampop Records of the Week*

1. Fucked Up/Serena Maneesh. Here Lies Are/Opium Priest 12". Best of Both Records. (2010)

2. Monster Movie. Everyone is a Ghost. Graveface. (2010)

3. Hum. Downward is Heavenward. Martians Go Home! (1998)

4. Candy Claws. Hidden Lands. Twosyllable Records. (2010)

5. Slowdive. Beach Song/Take Me Down Flexi 7". Sunday Records. (1992)