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17 April 2013

New Video/Track: Small Black. Free at Dawn.

'Limits of Desire' out May 14, 2013 

Director: Yoonha Park 

Producer: Neighborhood Watch Films

The video for Free At Dawn was inspired by Hollis Frampton's experimental film from 1970, Zorns Lemma. In Frampton's film, the alphabet appears letter by letter and is then slowly transformed into representational images. Similarly, Park's video establishes structure by flashing and spelling out the letters that make up FREE AT DAWN.

1 comment:

  1. Really sweet track! I especially like the vocals and the subtle backing vocals.

    Something about the album title "Limits of Desire" has been making a spot on my brain itch and I just now realized why. "The Limits of 'Desire'" is the heading I gave to a section of a book I was writing back in...1993 or 1994! I don't think that section was included in the book when it came out in '95, but that phrase sure made my brain itch! lol!