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16 April 2013

Sunrise Ocean Bender Reviews Dead Leaf Echo's New LP, Thought & Language.

Brooklyn’s Dead Leaf Echo spread the Thought & Language on their new full-length. Going more for the wash and sway of shoegaze than the squall, Dead Leaf Echo couple it with their dreamy pop songs working up a sensual, melancholy and romantic shimmer that has popping sparks on the edges. Sparklers might be more like it since Thought & Language has a hazy glow that makes this a great summer spin, or one to remind you of that time’s aura when you need it. Mixed by John Fryer (Lush, NIN, Depeche Mode), there’s an obvious classicist vibe that permeates Thought & Language that blows out like a gust of fresh air. 

There’s a crispness Dead Leaf Echo inject through their song-craft and execution that you might think would be at odds with the glistening lushness they layer and elevate up with, but it all folds in on itself into a gentle eddy of colors and sounds…and of course, thought and language. With an opener called Conception, offerings labeled Birth, Memorytraces andChild, the crowning Thought isn’t out of reach. A concept rooted outing, Thought & Language follows that conception through the birth of a child and the discovery of thought and language...