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23 July 2013

Hear Two Premiere Track Streams from Drowner's Upcoming LP, You're Beautiful, I Forgive You - Cross Posted from SBWR and PopMatters.

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are live (Saint Marie Records) for Drowner‘s new LP ‘You’re Beautiful, I Forgive You’ – available from August 13. The Texans push beyond last year’s self-titled release into territory not wholly dominated by a dream pop haze and one that should appeal to a wider audience...


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Houston outfit Drowner has a knack for using contrast to amp up the drama of its neo-shoegaze compositions. A prime example of Drowner’s savvy play of textures, “Stay with Me” is at once slow-burning and explosive, as muscular, steadily building guitars and Anna Bouchard’s ethereal vocals play off of a driving rhythm section. PopMatters is premiering “Stay with Me”, which comes from Drowner’s upcoming full-length You’re Beautiful, I Forgive You, out on 13 August via Saint Marie Records.