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05 July 2013

Track Spotlight: Silver Swans. Sea of Love. (New Single) + album teaser video.

 Stream Silver Swans' New Single, 
Sea of Love

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San Francisco's Silver Swans made a name for themselves with their dreamy layers of lush synths and airy vocals. But after a year since the release of their debut album Forever, the two have returned to the studio and started to tinker away. They chipped away at those dream-driven ideas and felt that the future was something venture into.

You hear this in their new single "Sea of Love." Full of analog synths and beats, Ann Yu's breathy vocals have become much more confident when singing about new love.
Yu spoke about their first new track in over a year:

"Sea of Love is one of the first songs we wrote for the new album and really set the tone for the rest of the songs.  I was starting a new relationship and the newness of it all overwhelmed me with questions of the unknown, the intensity of the feelings, and the hope that what you are experiencing is truly real.  The song is about rediscovering yourself through the eyes of your lover and about embracing their wonderment, by letting go of all fear and choosing to feel."

Watch the Silver Swans' new album teaser video:

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