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06 July 2013

Whirr's Around EP to be Released via Graveface Records July 9th - Stream New Track, Drain, and Pre-Order Now.

LP / CD / Cassette / Digital Download
Release date: 7/9/13 

Whirr returns with Around, an EP that finds the group restrained, but no less dark. Here, they explore longer songs, with their shortest clocking in at just under six minutes. Catchy melodies, traditionally a part of the band’s wheelhouse, give way here to a droning ambience, shifting Whirr slightly from their shoegaze core toward a dour post-rock sound.

Vocalists Kristina Esfandiari and Loren Rivera keep their contributions misty and abstract, serving here as additional instruments more than messengers. But the thunderous drums and lavish guitar work remain — albeit in a colder, glassier form — making Around both a departure and a logical step forward from Whirr’s previous work.

AROUND track listing:
1. Drain
2. Swoon
3. Keep
4. Around