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25 May 2011

The Blog Hits Its 100,000th Page View: Festivities Begin on Friday!

Danny and I honestly never thought that our little blog, When The Sun Hits, would ever have as many awesome readers as it does today. It all began because we both love the music and feel it's important to support it; we just weren't expecting so many awesome musicians, gear heads, label owners, and gazers to agree with us! We certainly never thought we'd have anything CLOSE to 100,000 page views EVER, so achieving that in less than a year is kind of blowing our minds a bit! We appreciate all of you so much. You guys rock.

But blah blah, you want to hear about the festivities, right?!

We have some AWESOME stuff coming up. Last I checked, we were at 97, 881 page views, so we will certainly meet or exceed that by this Friday (May 27th), which works perfectly, since festivities are slated to begin this Friday and run all through the weekend!

One of the fun things we have for you is QUITE a long list of musicians, label owners, gear heads, hardcore gazers, and suchlike who will each post their 5 most influential shoegaze/dream pop tracks (with a video) and explain their reasoning behind their choice. Essentially, we'll have these people mini djing/vjing all weekend long, and from what I've seen so far, this will be a REALLY entertaining and interesting feature. We hope you'll think so as well!

Another thing we're doing is making a free to download compilation to commemorate the occasion. We have some bad ass musicians who've all kindly donated tracks for this (some even wrote special tracks FOR the occasion or are giving us unreleased demos to use!) and it's going to truly kick ass. It will likely be released through bandcamp, so stay tuned this weekend and get your free comp!

We'll also be releasing a lot of content in general, as well as announcing some of the future plans we are about to launch for the blog - big ones! We are expanding and growing, but we will save those details for the celebration! Keep your gaze off the feet and on the blog this weekend! The 100,000th page view celebration is going to be The Awesome.

Amber & Danny